Sandbag co-signed an open letter sent to the European Commission by 114 leading academics, businesses, civil society organisations and research institutions urging the EU to set explicit and separate targets for greenhouse gas emissions reductions, land-based carbon dioxide sequestration and permanent carbon dioxide removals in the EU’s post-2030 climate framework.

Setting distinct targets will reduce the risks of overdependence on permanent carbon dioxide removals (CDR) and ensure that emissions reductions remain the EU’s priority. In turn, it will also help provide clarity and certainty for the carbon removals sector. Distinguishing greenhouse gas emissions reductions from permanent carbon removals is also important to better evaluate the costs involved. As discussions progress regarding the potential future inclusion of permanent CDR in the EU Emissions Trading System (ETS), it is essential that they are treated separately from other, more urgent policy initiatives to tackle hard-to-abate greenhouse gas emissions.

“We cannot afford to slow down efforts to cut emissions and phase out fossil fuels. The upcoming Communication on the EU climate target for 2040 provides a key opportunity to reaffirm the EU’s ambitions and strengthen climate governance” says Aymeric Amand, Policy Officer at Sandbag.