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Stay informed with our Carbon Price Viewer for the EU Emissions Trading System. Discover the current cost of emitting one tonne of carbon dioxide in Europe and track the ever-changing carbon price trends. Stay ahead in the climate transition and make informed decisions with our comprehensive carbon pricing information

Questions and answers

How can I use the Carbon Price Viewer?

The Carbon Price Viewer lets you see historical variations in the carbon price since the beginning of the second phase of the ETS in 2008, or over a shorter period by “zooming” into any time interval. 

What does the Carbon Price Viewer show?

The Carbon Price Viewer shows the historical price of European allowances (EUA), i.e. the price of emitting 1 tonne of CO2-equivalent for a European industrial installation or airline covered by the Emissions Trading System. It does not mean that this price is always paid by polluters, as many of them receive free allowances. 

EUAs are traded between buyers and sellers, either directly “over the counter” or via organised markets. They can be traded either with immediate delivery (spot) or with delivery in the future, usually at slightly different prices. Up until 12 April 2021, the price shown is based on spot-month continuous contract calculation. After that date, it is the future contract with delivery in the nearest December traded on New York Mercantile Exchange. 

Where does the data come from?

Up until 12 April 2021, the price was sourced from Quandl. Since then, the data has been sourced from Yahoo Finance.  

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