Building the Transition

Sandbag’s Response to the Review of the Construction Products Regulation

The European Green Deal lays out a list of EU policies and legislation that need to be updated and brought in line with the 2050 climate neutrality goal. One of these is the Construction Products Regulation, governing building materials which often have very carbon-intensive life cycles (e.g. steel and cement). Sandbag responded to the European Commission’s request for feedback on their plans to update the Regulation. In our contribution we highlight the need to include a climate focus in the revised Regulation, which should feature ambitious standards on the carbon intensity of construction products. Policies to reduce the emissions intensity of construction materials should be coupled with circular economy measures, as the repair, reuse and recycling of construction materials can contribute significantly to reducing CO2 emissions. We will be following the ongoing consultation process around this revision and will continue to emphasise the importance of tackling the carbon emissions of construction materials, for industrial decarbonisation and the achievement of the EU’s climate goals.

19 August 2020

Building photo by Dmitry Ivanov