About Sandbag


Sandbag is a non-profit climate change think tank based in Brussels.

Mission & Vision

Sandbag’s vision is that climate policy in Europe and beyond should be robustly designed to drive rapid and cost-effective emissions reductions, towards a net zero economy.

Our mission is to provide targeted, evidence-based advocacy at the points of highest leverage, with Sandbag’s analysis and data tools being trusted and consulted by key decision-makers.

The principle that we follow in all our work is: put your effort where it has the biggest impact.

We tackle Europe’s big emitters by focusing on:

Sandbag’s advocacy activity is underpinned by sophisticated modelling, data tools and data visualisation.

Sandbag successes

We have led a number of successful campaigns to improve European climate policy, including:

removing hundreds of millions of ‘unused allowances’ from the oversupplied EU ETS

winning the introduction of the Market Stability Reserve, to lock away surplus allowances

set an ambitious fifth carbon budget in the UK

helping to secure a ban on polluting HFC offset credits


Sandbag was founded in 2008 in London to shine a light on what was really going on in emissions trading in the EU and to enable people to buy and remove the surplus carbon allowances from the EU Emissions Trading System (EU ETS).

Sandbag started operating from Brussels in 2013, opening an office there to host our advocacy activities with EU institutions, then a legal entity in 2018, Sandbag Climate Campaign ASBL. In 2019, it was decided to fully dedicate Sandbag to EU climate policy from Brussels, while the UK-based entity, renamed ‘Ember’, would pursue the global power sector and coal phase-out work previously done by Sandbag. You can find their website here: ember-climate.org

Sandbag informs and influences European legislation on climate change by working with the key policymakers and business representatives to change climate policy, supported by our in-depth research and analysis. We also work with campaigning organisations across Europe, supplying the data and evidence-base to secure wins for the climate. And – with the right pressure at the right time – we are able to make a big difference.

Creative Commons information

Sandbag content is released under a Creative Commons ShareAlike Attribution Licence (CC BY-SA 4.0)

This means you’re free to share and adapt our work – as long as you credit us, and release anything you create based on our data under a Creative Commons licence too.

Please let us know if you’re using our work: there might be a way for us to collaborate!

More data will often be available on request. email (contact@sandbag.be)

Our Team

Ciara is Sandbag’s EU Climate Policy Campaigner.

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Samuel is a Policy Analyst for Sandbag.

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Eliot is an EU ETS Analyst at Sandbag.

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Mariano is Sandbag’s web developer and IT administrator.

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Adrien is Sandbag’s Delegated Director.

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Manuel is a Policy Analyst and Campaigner

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Trading Address: Rue du Trone 60, Ixelles 1050, Brussels, Belgium