Halfway There

New modelling shows existing policies put Europe on track for emission cuts of at least 50% by 2030

Climate of Cooperation

Sandbag’s new report shows that agreed reform of the Effort Sharing Regulation would only require very limited emissions cuts beyond current efforts, and lets the EU miss its 2030 climate change target. 
However, cooperation between EU countries could rescue the target, and reduce costs for all involved.

ETS to ESR: Too much flexibility

One-off flexibility between the ETS and ESR would increase the total EU emission budget for 2021-2030 by about 200 million tonnes

Double trouble in the ESR

To drive CO2 reductions on the ESR, policy makers should not only focus on limiting the overall size of the Safety Reserve, but also – and even more importantly – on preventing or at least limiting a second distribution round.

The ESR flexibility repair kit

With the latest proposals for the design of flexibilities in the Effort Sharing Regulation, there is a risk that member states will first exhaust the ‘external’ flexibilities (with the EU ETS and the LULUCF sector), before using the options of cooperation with other...