Why the name Sandbag?

Sandbag was given its name to symbolise the positive coordinated action people take to protect themselves from natural disasters. It is especially apt given that sea level rise due to climate change is increasing the risk of flooding.

How are you funded?

Our funding comes from charitable foundation grants and spontaneous donations (click donate to know more). We occasionally receive payment for consultancy work, analysis, or provision of data. 

Organisations which have supported our work include the European Climate Foundation, the European Commission, Energy Foundation China, the KR Foundation, WWF, Climate Action Network Europe, and the Environmental Defense Fund Europe.

What’s your legal status and how are you governed?

We are a Belgian not-for-profit company (“Association Sans But Lucratif”). This means that any financial surplus we make is ploughed back into the organisation. Our registered number is 0707.935.890. We have a Board of Directors, that meets quarterly to oversee the management of the organisation. We submit our annual accounts to the Belgian authorities each year.


Do you just work on the EU ETS?

When Sandbag was first set up, it solely focused on the EU Emissions Trading System because of its vast coverage (half of EU emissions) and huge potential to drive emissions savings.

In recent years, we have expanded to analyse and advocate change on other EU climate policies, especially on those related to industrial decarbonisation.  We have focused on those policies that can make the most difference, including the Green Deal Industrial Plan, the Net Zero Industry Act, and the Electricity Market Reform, as well as legislation pertaining to green hydrogen. 

We also occasionally undertake work to support international climate actions including work on emissions trading in South Korea and China.

I am writing my thesis or other piece of academic work on a topic related to your work. Are you available for questions?

Unfortunately, as we are a very small team, we do not have the capacity to answer questions or provide information that is not on our website.


Mundo-b Matogné. Rue d'Edimbourg 26, Ixelles 1050 Belgium.

Sandbag is a not-for-profit (ASBL) organisation registered in Belgium under the number 0707.935.890.

EU transparency register no. 277895137794-73.

VAT: BE0707935890.

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