Starting from scrap: transition to low-carbon steel can go faster with increased use of second-hand metal

New research by Sandbag indicates that a better use of end of life steel objects would help to speed up the reduction of emissions from the sector in Europe, with the help of electrification. Compared to a ‘business-as-usual’ scenario which sees 30 million tonnes of...

Starting from scrap : The key role of circular steel in achieving climate goals

  Report | Starting from scrap The key role of circular steel in achieving climate goals. This report aims at highlighting the role circularity can have in the fast decarbonization of the steel sector. How can European industrial and climate policy accelerate this...

Preventing double counting: Sandbag challenges methodology on green hydrogen (RFNBO).

Sandbag welcomes the opportunity offered by the European Commission to provide feedback on the draft Delegated Act defining a method for assessing greenhouse gas emission savings for certain fuels. However, we are concerned that, despite the commendable intention to...

RePowerEU: Fiddling with the Carbon Market puts the Climate at Risk

The European Commission’s plan to raise revenues from the Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) increases the risk to exceed the market’s emission limit. On May 18th the European Commission announced a plan to use Europe’s carbon market to help finance investment needed to...

Letter to members of the European Parliament Environment (ENVI) committee

The negotiations on key climate files of the Fit For 55 package which was launched by the European Commission in July 2021, are approaching critical moments. On 16-17 May, the Environment (ENVI) committee of the European Parliament will vote on the reports for the EU...

Reform, not a patch, will curb carbon price volatility

As energy prices hit record levels, the European Union’s carbon emissions permits – which hit €100 on futures markets in February – have been accused of making electricity too expensive, and although natural gas has a much larger responsibility, the carbon price also...

We’re a non-profit climate change think tank which uses data analysis to build evidence-based campaigns on climate policy.

We focus on EU policies such as the EU Emissions Trading Scheme, carbon border adjustment mechanisms and emissions reductions in industrial sectors. We believe in Europe’s ability to lead climate action, by example and using its large market and ability to stimulate technological competition as an incentive for others to follow. But we’re also aware of the risk that Europe’s might fail to deliver on its own pledges, which is why we want to get EU policy right.


Feedback on the EU ETS reform

Feedback on the EU ETS reform

Sandbag welcomes the opportunity to provide feedback on the update of the EU ETS under the FF55 package. Our analyses [1] show that the proposed changes are not enough to guarantee that emissions...

Sandbag is recognised as a top global climate think-tank

An inspirational idea that promises to make a real and positive difference… and a wonderful opportunity to help sort out the climate mess we’ve all created. Prof. Chris Turney is the author of Ice, Mud and Blood: Lessons from Climates Past
Chris Turney

Professor, University of Exeter

Sandbag is playing a crucial role in making sure that Europe’s cornerstone climate policy actually does its job.
Caroline Lucas

United Kingdom MP

Sandbag … strikes a balance between underlining the merits of the EU ETS and criticising the weaknesses.
Connie Hedegaard

Former European Commissioner


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