ETS reform: under the hype, a sense of déjà-vu

On 14 July a long-expected reform proposal of Europe’s carbon market was published by the European Commission. Far from addressing the market’s main issues, it barely adds a few patches and increases the risk of exceeding the cap.   Cap: LRF, rebasing, maritime...

A Storm in a Teacup

Last month, a draft regulation proposal for a Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) was leaked by the European Commission. Sandbag analysed its scope and impacts on the EU's foreign trade.  Steel and Aluminium The proposal covers 111 products in 5 carbon intensive...

Untangling the knots – Clearing the way to fast green hydrogen deployment

As the EU and some of its Member States are piling up subsidy schemes to try and kickstart a market for 'clean' hydrogen, projects are starting to attract public funding for applications with often low levels of technological readiness, economic viability, or even...

EU ETS emissions plummet due to pandemic as EUA surplus skyrockets

This analysis is based on estimations using data available as of 1 April 2021. It will be updated as more data is made available during the coming weeks. The European Commission has released the bulk of its data on reported emissions from EU ETS sectors for the year...

Harnessing EU Funds for Romania’s Energy Transition

Sandbag is pleased to launch our latest report on the energy transition in Romania. As a major regional actor and an important player in the European policy space, Romania has the potential to become a leader on climate action. However, political dynamics and a lack...

European Parliament clings to false solutions in Hydrogen Strategy vote

Committee MEPs are set to approve a report laden with risks to the EU's renewable energy transition on Monday 22 March. They want to see so-called "low-carbon hydrogen" - which is produced with climate-destroying fossil fuels - eligible for public funding and policy...

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We believe in Europe’s ability to lead climate action, by example and using its large market and ability to stimulate technological competition as an incentive for others to follow. But we’re also aware of the risk that Europe’s might fail to deliver on its own pledges, which is why we want to get EU policy right.

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An inspirational idea that promises to make a real and positive difference… and a wonderful opportunity to help sort out the climate mess we’ve all created. Prof. Chris Turney is the author of Ice, Mud and Blood: Lessons from Climates Past
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Sandbag is playing a crucial role in making sure that Europe’s cornerstone climate policy actually does its job.
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