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2020 Industrial Relaunch

This report has been informed by a call for evidence conducted by Sandbag between October 2019 – January 2020 and builds on Sandbag’s previous work on industrial emissions policy. It follows on from Sandbag’s report on Barriers to Industrial Decarbonisation, published...

The great green puzzle

A ROADMAP TO A NET ZERO INDUSTRIAL REVIVAL Thursday May 28th, 3-4.30pm CET PANEL I Chaired by Suzana Carp, EU Engagement lead Sandbag, Reactions to the report in the recovery context Hans Bergman - Head of Unit, European and International Carbon Markets at the...

Is the EU ETS going to pass the novel coronavirus test?

The EU ETS Phase II (2008-2012) was badly affected by an economic crisis of historical proportions which saw a massive drop in demand for allowances on the carbon market. This put a shock in the ETS system and the carbon price dropped from 30 EUR/t in 2008 to the...

Overall ETS emissions 2019 : expect the unexpected

Industry emissions experience biggest annual drop towards end of Phase III  Disclaimer: Analysis done on the basis of number available on EUTL on April 1st COB 2020, some verified numbers still due to be coming in by May 2020 Reported 2019 emissions were 1523 MT CO2...

We’re a non-profit climate change think tank which uses data analysis to build evidence-based climate policy.

We focus on EU policies such as the EU ETS and the ‘Effort Sharing Regulation’, and emissions reductions in industrial sectors.

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Time for the UK to show it’s serious about CCS

Today, the BEIS Carbon Capture Utilisation & Storage (CCUS) Cost Challenge Taskforce, on which Sandbag sits, has published its report to Government, with recommendations on how the UK can begin deployment of this vital technology for tackling climate change. Back...

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An inspirational idea that promises to make a real and positive difference… and a wonderful opportunity to help sort out the climate mess we’ve all created. Prof. Chris Turney is the author of Ice, Mud and Blood: Lessons from Climates Past
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