Sebes, Romania by Andrei Banţa


Panel discussion with business leaders and policy experts

10:30-13:45, Friday 16th June, Bucharest

Sala Constantin Stere, Palace of the Parliament, Calea 13 Septembrie 1-3

** There are still places available: RSVP here**

On Friday the 16th of June, Sandbag and the Prince of Wales’s Corporate Leaders Group (CLG) are hosting a second event examining how climate and energy policy will affect Central and Eastern Europe economy in the future. Alongside lively business discussions Sandbag will look at how the key European Union climate policies can drive economic growth in Romania. The Corporate Leaders Group will talk about their experience of working with business leaders across the EU and the world, while Sandbag will focus on changes we propose to the Emissions Trading System (ETS) and Effort Sharing Regulation (ESR). Panelists will particularly look at how these policies can provide additional financing to business interested in leading on the transition in the Romanian energy and non-ETS sectors until 2030. The event will happen in advance to the Environment Ministers meetings in Luxembourg on Monday, the 19th June.
Agenda available here in English and here in Romanian.
Speakers will include:

  • Norica Nicolai MEP, ALDE group
  • Grațiela-Leocadia Gavrilescu, Vice Prime Minister, Minister of Environment
  • Toma-Florin Petcu, Minister of Energy
  • Baroness Worthington, Executive Director of Environmental Defense Fund Europe and Founding Director of Sandbag
  • Eliot Whittington, Deputy Director of the Prince of Wales’s Corporate Leaders Group

We gather in Romania to explore the possible low-carbon economic pathways for the country with the national experts and business representatives. Our two panel discussions will focus on investments in energy sector, and how to unlock greater climate mitigation through addressing ‘low-hanging fruit’, such as energy efficiency in cities. The political conversation has changed significantly with the delivery of the Paris Agreement during COP21 in Paris, in December 2015. This event offers the opportunity to highlight how this new ambitious direction and increased action on climate change can complement business development opportunities. The use of real examples from Romania, including the role EU climate policies and international partners can have in advancing the Romanian green growth agenda, will be explored in detail.
Not to leave the room without practical solutions our two showcase presentations will focus on policy support and technologies available to advance the Romanian low-carbon economy. Sandbag will present funding opportunities that flagship European policies, namely the EU Emissions Trading System and Effort Sharing Regulation, can provide to implementation of both proven and innovative solutions after 2020. The presentation will focus on what funds are available to Romania under the EU ETS system and the European Project Based mechanism – a policy solution that could allow a degree of co-financing investment in mitigation in non-traded sectors in Romania (buildings, transport, agriculture, and waste).
The  Finnish Innovation Fund SITRA will present Romanian audiences with the flagship ‘Green to Scale’ reports that highlight the potential for scaling up proven and tested low-carbon solutions. The presentation will focus on concrete solutions and their economic and climate impacts, alongside other benefits. Particular solutions of interest to a Central and Eastern European audience, and how these have been successfully adopted and implemented elsewhere, will be discussed in detail.
The event follows the successful format for discussion we initiated last month in another country from a Central and Eastern European region  – Czech Republic. You can go back to our audio-visual summary here. As Member States in the region used to adopt similar approaches to the EU energy and climate policies in previous years we are excited for the opportunity to review them and explore opportunities for green growth discrete that will differ between the CCE countries.
If you’re interested in attending, please RSVP now to secure your place. We will prepare a summary of the discussions for those who can’t be with us in Bucharest.