Sandbag’s new report shows the Carbon Price Support, a tax of £18 per tonne of CO2, has caused UK coal emissions to fall 66% this year. But now some industry voices are calling for the tax to be scrapped. Please help Sandbag persuade the government to keep the Carbon Price Support.

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.@PHammondMP keep the Carbon Price Support in the #AutumnStatement, and keep UK coal phaseout on track @sandbagorguk

Today’s analysis from Sandbag shows UK coal generation will most likely fall 66% this year, and an 82% fall between 2012 – 2016. This fall in coal use is entirely responsible for the 18% drop in UK CO2 emissions, as over that four-year period net emissions from other sectors are unchanged.

By charging fossil fuel plants £18 per tonne of CO2 to cover some of the external costs of the carbon dioxide they emit, the Carbon Price Support (CPS) is driving coal off the UK energy system, and setting the country on the right path towards the 2025 coal phaseout.


CO2 emissions from coal power will have fallen by about 82% in just four years – from 125Mt in 2012, to an estimated 22Mt in 2016. In 2012, coal power plants emitted 22% of all the UK’s CO2, and this year we estimate it will be just 5%.

Sandbag yesterday wrote to the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Philip Hammond MP, urging him to maintain the Carbon Price Support in the Autumn Statement.

Dave Jones, Analyst at Sandbag, commented:

“The Carbon Price Support has driven a remarkable decarbonisation of UK electricity. The UK is now on track for a coal phaseout before 2025, but the Chancellor must maintain the Carbon Price Support, or emissions will begin growing again.”