Today, the European Commission has released a new proposal for cutting emissions in transport, agriculture and buildings sectors by 2030, and how this effort should be shared between Member States.

This proposal lacks ambition, has more loopholes than anyone expected and will not deliver Europe’s contribution to the Paris Agreement. Europe must commit to much more, otherwise its long term 2050 target is not credible.
The draft proposal only targets a 30% reduction in emissions by 2030 against 2005 levels. Sandbag analysis shows that 50% cuts are achievable and can be delivered cost-effectively. The 30% target implies just a 4% cut in emissions beyond BAU between 2021-2030. But it’s even worse than that; Sandbag calculates the Commission has thrown in so many loopholes through new flexibilities, that the new policy wouldn’t require any emission cuts beyond BAU at all.
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