Today, 30th June 2016, the Government has presented the UK’s 5th carbon budget for the period 2028-32. Sandbag welcomes that the budget has been set in line with the Commission on Climate Change’s recommendation for a 57% emissions reductions by 2032 on 1990 levels. The target is higher than it was expected the UK would have to deliver under the EU of 40% reductions by 2030.
For the UK to stay in global leadership on tackling climate change this is the absolute minimum that is needed. In February 2016 Sandbag called for the budget to be revised in line with the Paris Agreement.
The Climate Change Act requires that the 5th carbon budget were adopted by Parliament today. Until it is law there can be no certainty about its final shape.
Debbie Stockwell, Managing Director of Sandbag Climate Campaign, commented:

“This is an important signal on the Government’s intent on climate change coming one week after the referendum vote to leave the EU. It gives a clear signal to the world and investors that the Government continues to take its climate change commitments seriously and that more needs to be done to deliver emissions reductions in the UK. 
It’s disappointing, however, that the budget has not been formally adopted by Parliament today, as is required by the Climate Change Act, and Sandbag calls for this to happen as soon as possible.”

In February Sandbag also called for the Government to take more responsibility for the accounting of emissions from the EU Emissions Trading System sectors in the UK. Actual emissions from these sectors in the UK don’t affect the calculation of whether the budget has been met – the situation which needs to change now that the UK has voted to leave the EU.
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