Sandbag at St Paul's Cathedral

Last week, Sandbag formally launched our new focus, at an event hosted by St Paul's Cathedral. Thank you for joining us if you came! The three pillars of our climate policy work are phasing out coal, capturing carbon (our work to promote CCS and radical change in industrial technologies), and pricing carbon (reforming the EU Emissions Trading Scheme).

A highlights video from that event is now available, featuring 

  • Greg Barker & Ed Miliband speaking about international climate politics; 
  • Rob Elsworth (CAFOD) & Barbara Ridpath (Director, St Paul's Institute) discussing the Pope's Encyclical and his warning about carbon credits; 
  • James Randerson (The Guardian) & David Derbyshire (The Daily Mail) discussing the media and climate change;
  • Juliet Davenport (CEO, Good Energy) & Marco Alvera (CEO, Eni Trading & Shipping) sharing views on the future of the energy sector. 

The evening was brought to a close by veteran stand up comedian and Radio 4 star Arthur Smith.

Watch the highlights video here, kindly put together by our hosts for the evening, the St Paul's Institute:


Photos of the event available here, taken by George Lacado of St Paul's Cathedral.

Photos of the drinks reception available here, taken by Guy Drayton.

The panel at St Paul's