As pressure grows for the needs to fix the EU emissions trading scheme (ETS) all eyes are on the Energy Efficiency Directive (EED) which is currently making its way through the European Parliament. The draft directive contains vital amendments which would correct the faltering EU ETS. These correcting amendments are complementary to the EED and have already been voted through the environment committee on the 20th December 2011. They now face a crucial industry committee vote on the 28th February. An increasing chorus of leading businesses are calling for the EU ETS to be corrected in order to avoid a new generation of investments being made in fossil fuel intensive technologies. Those calling for the EU ETS to be fixed include: ShellAlstom, Doosen and Philips, as well as a growing number of power companies, including E.ON, SSE, ENECO and DONG Energy. There remains strong opposition from a number of energy intensive sectors despite the fact that they, so far, remain unaffected by the scheme.

As calls from the business community to fix the EU ETS grow stronger it's worth remembering that the ETS is implemented on a Member State level and as such affects Member States differently. In order to better understand how Member Sates have faired in the ETS so far we have put together a simple overview showing their position to date in terms of economic sectors.

The graph below shows Germany's EU ETS position to date:

Germany PII EU ETS

For further Member State overviews please click on the following links:

More Member States to follow!