If you have:

  • a background/experience in fundraising/finance
  • desire to help a small, dedicated team make a big difference on climate change
  • a few mornings a year to give

then we'd like to hear from you.

The Sandbag Climate Campaign is a young, focused NGO, that provides expert analysis and creative campaigning to improve the world's largest climate policy, the EU Emissions Trading System. Before starting Sandbag, our Founding Director Bryony Worthington spearheaded the campaign for, and then helped to draft, the UK Climate Change Act – a world first of legally binding national carbon budgets – and is one of the youngest ever appointed Life Peers. Sandbag has an exciting programme of work aimed at providing crucial evidence and pressure for greater European action on reducing emissions.

We are looking to recruit a non-executive director to our board, and particularly one with fundraising expertise. Perhaps you could be tempted?

Get in touch: michael@sandbag.org.uk

Photo attribution: Erik Slatkin http://www.flickr.com/photos/beatbeatheartbeat/