Sandbag’s goal has always been to give everyone a chance to engage with Europe’s Emissions Trading Scheme. It’s the biggest climate policy we have, covering half of Europe’s carbon emissions, and if citizens ignore it then less progressive industry voices win the day and it will not achieve its potential.
[Carbon Destruction]( “Carbon Destruction”) is a part of this goal, giving individuals and organisations the opportunity to intervene directly to buy and destroy pollution permits, taking them out of the hands of would-be polluters. This is citizen action to reduce the number of pollution permits and hence to reduce the cap on CO<<>>2 emissions.
Of course the bigger influence by far is decisions by politicians, who ultimately decide how many are issued. That’s why Sandbag works so hard to advocate for reducing the supply of pollution permits – currently there are millions too many in the system.
**So, we’re delighted to relaunch Carbon Destruction and tie together these two actions:** now everyone who buys a permit(s) has the chance to send an email to the EU calling for reform of the ETS. **The fact that you have put your money where your mouth is and paid to destroy at least one tonne makes the message that much stronger.**
Here’s a summary of what’s new:
– Beautifully illustrated guide to Carbon Destruction and new look certificate
– Lower price: we now charge the market price of permits (plus our costs) making it £14.78 per tonne
– Instant service: receive your certificate within 24 hours
– Email the EU: email to politicians option included
And with a week to go before Christmas, it could also be the perfect way to give a gift with real atmosphere… (see [press release]( “Christmas gift press release”))
Carbon Destruction webpage]( “Carbon Destruction”)