As images and photos start to stream in from One Giant Leap climate jams around the world, the amazing scale of what we’ve accomplished is becoming clear.
Nearly 40 countries took part at final count, with around 130 jams taking place across different cities worldwide. We’re yet to tally the full list of traceurs who took part on the day, but at well over 3,000 participants it is set to dwarf any parkour jam conducted before and should place us firmly in the record books.
What a fantastic achievement for the global parkour community and what incredible outreach for our climate change campaign!
Environmental campaigns have often been accused of just engaging with the usual suspects, fuelling the guilt of the worried-well in the developed world. That’s certainly not the case here!
This campaign has created an entirely new class of activist, consisting largely of young people in advanced developing countries like Brazil, Russia, India, China and Mexico.
Instead of remonstration they use inspiration. Instead of words they use actions.
Parkour is a discipline of hope – it makes onlookers believe things are possible which they previously felt were beyond reach. It is also a functional discipline which seeks maximum efficiency of action. These are two qualities we hoped to capture in our One Giant Leap campaign:
Firstly, it’s a campaign guided by a vision of a world where clean, low-carbon power is available to all.
Secondly, it’s a campaign defined by practical and efficient action to achieve this vision: reducing carbon from the biggest emitting countries in the biggest emitting sector.
It has been wonderful to hear global groups reporting their excitement at being part of something so big and so positive, and that same excitement was certainly tangible at our home event here in London where over a hundred traceurs turned up in support.
Over the coming weeks we will be putting a short campaign film together from the assembled footage in order to capture the energy of the day and use it to galvanize the public and policymakers between now and December. You can help us by encouraging everyone you can to sign our petition at []( “”).