We took delivery of the One Giant Leap T-shirts today. Kindly designed for us by Creative Order. Sorting out how to distribute the 2000 T-shirts to 75 cities in 32 countries was quite a logistical challenge but we got there.
We spent a fair amount of time working out if we could organise in-country production to save on shipping but the costs were completely prohibitive and there is no easy service on offer. Sites like Cafe Press and Spreadshirt provide on demand printing services but the production is still all centralised and the costs are crazy. So in the end we had them made in the UK and have just spent the day packing them up ready to be sent out cities spanning the globe: from Townsville in Australia to Seattle in the US.
We’ve been blown away with the response of the Parkour community to our call for help with new events signing up even now – this week saw groups as diverse as Las Vegas and Tong Laio City, Inner Mongolia signing up.
Next step is to start teeing up the media and making sure our campaigning messages get to the people who need to hear them. Thanks to everyone who helped out today. We’re looking forward to an awesome event on Sept 26th. But first some beers.