From an underground bunker, last inhabited by Sir Winston Churchill and his war time cabinet, we launched sandbag last night. A few technical glitches aside it seemed to go down pretty well. We attempted to show our new film, but sadly the volume gave out half way through, but, via the power of Youtube, we are pleased to say the whole thing can now be viewed on line [here]( “”).
It’s our attempt at explaining emissions trading to the man on the street. Thanks to Greg, Marek and James for putting this together at short notice. Stirling work.
We also made our updated Google map live. Log in to see how emissions from power stations and factories last year compare with the number of permits they have been allocated for this year and the next four years. The data is still not very clean in places sadly as some sites have entered post-codes for administrative head-quarters nowhere near the site itself. We are investigating ways of correcting this but it may prove a task that needs crowd-sourcing. Anyone with any nifty suggestions for how to make this happen, please get in touch.
So with the launch event over, we can now concentrate on getting this campaign underway and also improving the functionality of the website. Thanks to everyone who has registered to date and signed up as members – we will be in touch soon to begin the process of turning ourselves into an irresistible force for change.