Well this is a strange feeling, the articles from [tomorrow’s Guardian](http://www.guardian.co.uk/environment/2008/sep/12/emissionstrading “”) are now on-line and we are in there, so I guess that means the idea is out there. But what will people’s reactions be? It was really wierd reading the news piece – this is the first time companies have been contacted and the range of responses is interesting – I like the “magical logic” quote. Corus’ explanation of their surplus doesn’t hold water at all – the expansion in scope they refer to accounts for roughly 1.1 million extra tonnes across 3 installations whereas their annual surplus is 2.8 million. The response from DEFRA is a bit annoying but predictable. Yes of course there will be differences from year to year but an apparent surplus of 9 million tonnes, and whole sectors showing comfortable margins between their recent emissions and what they have been allocated, points to an inherent flaw in the system.
I guess we just have to wait and see what other reactions will be and be ready to defend ourselves.
The formal launch isn’t until Tues when we’ll be updating the map to show the comparisons between last year’s emissions and this year’s allocations. A ‘wiki’ of the data and our initial analysis will follow shortly after. We hope other people will explore it, make it more accurate and derive their own conclusions. Would have been nice to get them both live at the same time but that’s life. Then once all that’s done and we’ve recovered, let the campaigning begin!