And things are falling in to place, fingers crossed. Today saw the arrival of a new animation on the home page. The result of lots of hard work by Michael Goldrei our star animator who worked round the clock to make it happen.
Lots of people have fed back that it wasn´t immediately obvious to the casual observer what we were all about so hopefully this new addition helps correct that, though more feedback always welcome!
There are a few other developments in the pipeline that should be ready for next week. We´re also hoping the Guardian might trail the launch in the Saturday newspaper and Radio 4´s PM programme may also feature a short piece. This is of course assuming no huge news story obliterates everything – so hang on in there Gordon.
One of the most important new features we need to activate is the campaigns page – there is an important vote in Brussels on Oct 7th which will, for the time being, set the direction of travel for emissions trading in Europe after 2012. The industry lobbying is gathering steam and many wrecking amendments have been tabled. We need to start the process of pushing back against this influential lobby and by the time the rules are really settled, ie after the UNFCCC meeting in Copenhagen in 2009, we hope to be in a position to really affect these important decisions about how much pollution we intend to tolerate in the future. For more information in the meantime check out the joint [NGO campaign]( “”) that´s just been launched.