A week to go until our official launch on Sept 16th and there´s nothing like a deadline to focus the mind.
I´ve left my full time job and so last Tues I went to see Jim Hansen (the climate science guy, not the muppets guy) give a talk to the Stop Climate Chaos coalition. It gave me a change to reconnect with many of my old NGO colleagues from my Friends of the Earth days. It felt good and odd to be back. Good because I was surrounded by people with the same conviction that we need to act and act quickly. Odd because the last few years in a big energy company and in Government have somehow given me a different perspective – less polarised – a greater appreciation for the shades of grey that generally in campaigning you try to play down since campaigns rely on conflict, black and white arguments, good guys and bad guys. I hope I haven´t gone soft!
Jim is an eminent scientist but he has clearly become frustrated that the story the ever more worrying climate science is telling, is not being listened to or acted on. So he`s begun campaigning for solutions. The problem as he sees it is coal, and the solution is a moritorium on all new coal power stations, starting in the west and expanding rapidly to the rest of the world. And, as he puts it, it´s now the kids v. fossil fuels in a battle to win support from the politicians. This is of course an inadequate precis of a two hour talk and discussion that covered a vast range of topics. A new report `[Target 350](http://arxiv.org/abs/0804.1126 “”)`will be out soon and should become required reading.
Then on Thurs I had a meeting with Bianca Jagger. She has a fantastic grip on the latest science and through her role as Chair of the [World Future Council](http://www.worldfuturecouncil.org/ “”) she is campaigning for, amongst other things, a global suppport programme for renewable energy. We talked about emissions trading and how it can be used to both phase out coal and support renewables and I´m hoping we will stay in touch.
The week ended with a day spent with comedian friends Greg Davies and Marek Larwood who make up two-thirds of the comedy sketch show `We are Klang´. They very kindly created a short film for us for the launch party which we´ll also upload onto YouTube.