I resigned from my job today – with mixed emotions. I´m excited
about the prospect of being able to devote my energies to making this
campaign a success and by the idea of being my own boss, but I´m also
going to miss my old job. I´ve worked for Scottish and Southern Energy
for the last three years – as a policy adviser and general agitator –
and it´s been excellent. They have embraced the challenge of climate
change and are now seriously investing in renewable energy and in
developing an energy services business model. It´s been great working
for a company that makes things happen on the ground and I´ll really
going to miss them.
Looking forward though there´s lot´s of
exciting things occuring – we´re working towards a public launch of the campaign in mid
September, developing a relationship with a high profile media partner
and working alongside a leading existing NGO in the climate field –
feels like it´s going to be a busy Summer. As for the site we´re
working on new features for the map, introducing some more flexible
membership options and including an online campaign action, targetting
the MEPs who are making decisions over future emissions caps in the
coming months.
I´m also interested in getting existing members views on some issues –
first of all what, if any, target we should set ourselves for how many
tonnes we want to try to cancel and how best can we illustrate our
collective efforts? We´ll try to kick off a discussion on the members
pages of the site and via a members newsletter – so if you´re not
signed up yet now´s the time.