Sorry for the lazy post but liked the news report below so much I decided to reproduce it. Go Rudd! Of course petrol should be included in capped schemes – oil companies need to start paying their way and stop moaning.
Slightly old news now but I was interviewed by the Guardian’s science podcast team the other week –
[listen to the June 23rd show here]( “”)
“CANBERRA, June 30 AAP – Most people want petrol included in an emissions trading scheme (ETS) – even though many don’t know what it is and some have never even heard of it. Three-quarters of respondents in a poll released today said petrol should be included in the scheme. But more than half those surveyed admitted they did not actually know what an ETS was.
The federal government has promised to introduce the scheme in 2010, which puts a price on carbon emissions to tackle climate change. Prime Minister Kevin Rudd is facing a tough decision on whether to include petrol in the scheme. According to last week’s survey of just over 1,000 people, conducted online by Essential Research, the message has not got through on emissions trading. Most respondents – 51 per cent – did not know what an ETS was, including 17 per cent who had never heard of it. Forty-two per cent said they knew “a little bit about it”. But when respondents were given a brief explanation of emissions trading, they appeared to embrace the concept.”