I presented sandbag to the [geekyoto](http://www.geekyoto.com/ “”) conference today. The first public outing of the idea. Nerves aside it was an excellent day with a very diverse range of speakers and topics. Things that stuck in my mind were: someone (who’s name I sadly didn’t note, but whose presentation along with all the others will soon appear on the geekyoto website) installed a swing in my local bus stop, to explore ideas around how we can modify our environment to better meet our needs, sadly it’s no longer there – such a shame…. Gavin gave an update on the [AMEE](http://www.amee.cc/ “”) project which has come a very long way since we first met and together got the UK Government involved. Using recycled batteries has got a whole lot easier thanks to Moxia’s [USBCell](http://www.usbcell.com/ “”). And [Ben Saunders](http://www.bensaunders.com/ “”), record-breaking polar explorer is completely mad but very inspiring. Congratulations are due to Ben and Mark for organising the whole thing so well and for creating such a relaxed, fun and inspiring environment in which to share ideas.
The point of speaking was to get people’s feedback on the sandbag idea – and it was pretty positive which is good news. Thanks to all who offered to help out in anyway – and if anyone’s reading this and wondering how to get in touch you can e-mail us at info@sandbag.org.uk.