Have been reading Charles Leadbeater’s book “We Think” which is fascinating. A summary of the themes is [here](http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qiP79vYsfbo “”) on YouTube.
‘Crowd sourcing’ or enabling mass innovation could be a great model for getting permits out of the emissions trading scheme. One of the keys to enabling successful ‘we think’ collaborations is having discreet tasks that can be shared out and then built back together, lego style, to create a final outcome.
Emissions permits are our lego bricks, reducing how many are out there is our overall aim, and there are 900 + installations with permits in the UK alone – getting to all of them is going to require lots of effort.
So we are currently exploring whether it’s possible to create a system where Sandbag members hunt down their own permits. We’ve got all the data we need to make it possible. But will anyone want to do it?
Time to ask our activist friends…..