According to [Reuters]( “”) Which Money? have just compared 13 UK-based carbon offset companies and found that emissions for a test home varied from 1.15 tonnes with Carbon Footprint to 7.1 tonnes with the Carbon Neutral Company.
The [government calculator]( “”), which we developed to try to help with precisely this problem, by establishing common methodologies, gave an emissions figure of 4.31 tonnes.
And as for how much you should pay to offset these emissions, the quoted costs for a tonne of carbon dioxide varied from £7 with Carbon Offsets to £23 per tonne with Carbon Responsible.
The article goes on to mention how levels of tranparency about what your money is actually spent on also differ wildly. Interestingly, 68% of those who had used an offset provider also stated they would not use it again.
All of this underlines why we think offsetting is in trouble and want to position Sandbag as a refreshing alternative. It’s a market full of pitfalls in serious need of a clean up. While we wait for that to happen, either by regulation or through natural selection, we want to get on with the serious business of campaigning to improve the carbon market so it actually delivers for the environment. We still think it’s the best hope we’ve got but it needs people to care about making it better and to take action.