I was moaning about how rubbish this week’s budget was to a friend the other day and he asked well what would you have put in it?
So here’s my list:
1. Change the Climate Change levy into a real carbon tax that increases with the carbon content of the fuel -raising more money from the more carbon intensive fuels;
2. Announce that the UK will introduce an economy wide cap on emissions with all permits to be auctioned, in the meantime, while the scheme is being established, require that heating and transport fuel providers must offset emissions resulting from the use of their product above a certain level;
3. Reduce fuel duty in part to compensate for the increases arising from capping transport emissions;
4. Require all intra-UK flights are 100% offset;
5. Attribute a value to every tonne of emissions the UK emits and pay the equivalent amount of money into a fund to fund clean technology deployment and help developing countries adapt to climate change;
6. Bring the Energy Saving Trust and Carbon Trust together into one Carbon Management Agency and reduce the combined budget appropriately;
7. Announce a support mechanism for renewable heat equivalent to, and linked to, the other Renewable Obligations.
8. Create a public/private partnership to develop a carbon capture and storage hub in the Humber region;
9. Reform the Winter Fuel Payment scheme so that it is better targetted at those in need.
Might require a bit of reduction in spending by other Departments to afford it ie scrapping BERR’s business relations function, reducing MOD budget and cutting back on road building.