Received an e-mail today saying that Sandbag will soon have its very own emissions trading registry account. Sadly, this is the kind of news that can get me excited. You have to have a registry account if you want to handle emissions permits, so this means we can officially receive them from the people we buy them from, hold them in our account and cancel them so they are not available for anyone else to use.
Of course there is still the question of where the money is going to come from to enable us to buy them. But for now it just feels good that we are part of the emissions trading game and a step closer to helping people make a real difference on climate change.
The permits themselves don’t actually physically exist yet. They are meant to be handed out to the companies in the trading scheme at the end of this month, although final adjustments are still being made to the numbers and there is some speculation that everything won’t be ready in time.