Spent last Saturday with Lukas talking about the design of the website. We looked at a range of fonts for the sandbag logo. Lukas rightly talked me out of a wild west/casino style font I took an irrational liking to and also dismissed a fleeting idea of using a photographic alphabet of letters written in the sand. It’s a good job we’ve got him. Having slept on it I think ‘rockwell’ is the front runner – it’s a solid no nonsense typeface and my brilliant marketing friend also gave it the thumbs up so it’s all good.
We have however uncovered a slight problem.
We’ve become really fond of the 1940’s image of the woman with a sandbag over her shoulder that we’ve been using on our draft home page. But we realised that ‘Sally’ is not cheap. She belongs to Getty Images, not istock photos as we’d originally thought. This is a shame since we’ve made it a mantra to spend as little money as possible on set-up costs. But Sally is just so perfect that I think we are going to have to find a way to afford her. A low resolution version for three months won’t break the bank so I think we’ll have to go for that and see if we can’t work on Getty or find a replacement before the three months runs out.
Seems odd that Sally, whoever she is or was, is completely oblivious to the fact that we feel like we know her and are wrangling over how much we’d be prepared to pay to keep her associated with the project.
Also went to Alex’s leaving drinks – Friends of the Earth’s loss is sandbag’s gain as she’s happily volunteered to help set things up over the next few months now she’s off work. We worked out that the very first FOE ‘action’ we both took part in was the building of a dyke around the climate change negotiations at the Hague; constructed out of thousands of sandbags.